Escape Through History Solution walkthrough Cheat Level 15




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Escape Through History Solution walkthrough Cheat Level

This page show game answer and screen shots.


Escape Through History Solution walkthrough Cheat Level

Escape history Level 15

Go left.

Th lv15 0

Th lv15 1

Zoom in carpet to move it.
Get the stone.

Th lv15−2

Zoom in the bottle on the table.

Use the stone to break glass.
Take the piece of glass.

Th lv15 3

Th lv15 4

Zoom in the picture on the right.
Use the piece of glass to get parts of picture.

Th lv15 5

Go right.
Zoom in the globe on the left.

Put parts of picture.
Look at BOSNIA.

Th lv15 6

Zoom in the statue.

Take the parts of stethoscope.

Th lv15 7

Zoom in the TV on the right side.
Find number of first letted of each “B,O,S,N,I,A”

Buenos Aires=1
Osaka    =4
Sydney =3
New York =6
Istanbul =5
Abuja =2

The code is “143652”.

Th lv15 8

Zoom in the PC on the desk.
Enter the code:143652.

Th lv15 9

Look at the directions of switches.

top right   bottom left.
bottom    top right

Th lv15 10
Go left.

Zoom in the security camera.
Take the parts of stethoscope.

Combine 2 parts to make stethoscope.

Th lv15 11

Zoom in the safe box.

Th lv15 12

Use stethoscope to the safe box.

Turn on the directions of switches.
Take the key.

Th lv15 13

Th lv15 14

Zoom in the door,
use the key to open the door.

Th lv15 15

Press the door to go to the next level.

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