libraryicon Escape game Quick Escape – Library Walkthrough 1


Escape game Quick Escape – Library Walkthrough 1

Escape game Quick Escape -Library Walkthrough

**Note: Only read the walkthrough if you want the answers.

Escape game Quick Escape – Library Walkthrough

Th 0

Go right.

Th 1

Zoom the faucet.
Pick up the key under shelf.

Th 2

Go to the sofa.
Move the 2nd cushion.
Pick up the steel item.

Th 3
Th 4

Tap the plant.
Pick up the bucket.

Th 5

Go right.
Pick up the key at the top of shelf.

Th 6 1

Go to fireplace.

Th 7

Shake your device to put out the fire.
You can see the key.

Th 8

Use steel item to pick up the key.

Th 9

Go right.

Th 10

Zoom the picture.

Set the puzzle.
Pick up the key.

Th 11

Go right , go to faucet.

Th 12

Quick Escape – library walkthrough 2

Quick Escape – library walkthrough list






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