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[Type13~18]『ゆるロボ製作所』攻略まとめ-ロボット設計図 3[Type13~18]Oddbot Workshop Walkthrough 3



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基本はおさわり探偵 なめこ栽培キットわっさーゾンビ!のような現実時間を利用した「育成系放置ゲーム」になっています。
Oddbot Workshop

Assemble wacky little Oddbots in the new game Oddbot Workshop.

You're the new owner of a local Robot Workshop. Work with your assistant Keyli to build new robots and develop the biggest robot factory in the world!



『ゆるロボ製作所』攻略まとめ-ロボット設計図 3


ゆるロボ製作所バッジ・出荷台数達成条件 3




Upgrade Bulider

|~Grade|~Require coin|~Memo|
|2|400G|Unlock Wood|
|3|3000G|Unlock Gasoline and Metal|
|4|10000G|Unlock third material slot|
|5|50000G|Unlock Plastic|
|6|150000G|Unlock Jewels|
|7|300000G|Double production speed|
|Top|400000G|Unlock Robot Sensor|

Robot Designs


Oddbot Workshop Walkthrough Achievements Badge List

|1|Genericbot|4G|A run-of-the-mill robot.|Any|
|2|Roborover|8G|Robots,man's other best friend.|Clay|
|3|Muttontron|12G|Now if only there was a Chutneybot. |Fabric |
|4|Cypen|20G|Can't open eyes under water |Clay/Fabric |
|5|Shockbot Alpha|16G|What makes him "Alpha"? Not even he can tel you.|Clay/Clay|
|6|Kumax|30G|Shuts off in the winter. Also has a tendeny to attack the first person it sees on activation.|Fabric/Wood|

|7|Robosaurus|50G|Dinosaur-shaped robot crafted for Hollywood|Wood|
|8|Pandarion|55G|Favorite food:pot stickers,of course|Clay/Wood|
|9|Proto Directron|98G|Wide-eyed child robot that dreams of becoming a Directron|Wood/Wood|
|10|Handroid|70G|Quite handy around the house.|Clay/Metal|
|11|Lampy|120G|Use this robot to read at night.|Metal|
|12|Vacuumbot|120G|Every house should have one,just be careful of steps. Even your sister-in-law will like it!|Fabric/Metal|

|13|Jaden|150G|Lucky number 13!|Wood/Metal|
|14|Tofy|200G|Pressed in silk and ready to break apart at any moment|Clay/Clay/Clay|
|15|Mummy|210G|He's just injured. Should be all fixed up in about 3 months.|Fabric/Fabric/Fabric|
|16|Automatoid|220G|Delicate automaton modeled after a design from feudal Japan.|Fabric/Wood/Metal|
|17|Fishy|240G|Robot found among Japan's famous fish markets. Dangerous to eat.|Metal/Metal/Metal|
|18|Hercules|260G|Powerful and kind of heart.Central American design.|Wood/Metal/Metal|

|19|Bugsy|280G|Something went wrong with this design. I tould you this design was a mistakes!|Wood/Wood/Metal|
|20|Bushidoh|1500G|Versed in all martial arts. Mortal enemy:chopsticks.|Clay/Wood/Metal|
|21|Mechagirl |1600G|Maaa,you aren't really going to ship me out are you? It was only that one time!|Clay/Plastic/Plastic|
|22|Sarge|1700G|Man,the war stories he could tell you! Too bad they're all fake...|Fabric/Fabric//Plastic|
|23|Directron|1800G|Often found working with Robosaurus.|Wood/Plastic|
|24|Brobot|2000G|Coog at pushups. Likes it when you comment on his bulk.|Clay/Wood/Plastic|

|25|Sumoid|2500G|One of our plus-sized robots.Surprisingly nimble.|Plastic|
|26|Fluffroid|3000G|A seal-shaped robot perfect for use as a pillow.| Fabric/Metal/Prastic|
|27|The PC PC|32768G|An artificail intelligence so sensitive it understands the human condition better than you do!|Metal/Plastic/Jewels|
|28|Shockbot Alfa|5000G|Ultra rare first print with misspelled name.|Jewels|
|29|Great Leader|14800G|The final authority.|Plastic/Plastic/Plastic|
|30|Meowlion|40000G|The king of robots. Weak to catnip.|Fabric/Metal/Jewels|


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2.5Dで作られた美しいマップ,スライドを使った攻撃アクション、100以上のスキルによるカスタム育成、 DIY自由なお屋敷!かわいいキャラクターからお気に入りをそだてあげよう!


「ステラクロニクル 」の"無料ダウンロード"はこちら


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